Toppings (Guu)

There are as many different toppings as there are ramen shops.  They range from
the normal chopped leeks and sometimes get as strange as grated cheese.  However, the following few are generally available in most ramen shops.

Negi ( chopped leeks )-
It's not ramen if there's not about half of a handful of finely chopped leek floating on top.
Menma ( bamboo shoots )-
Bamboo shoots are cooked in sake (rice wine) then pickled in salt and left to ferment.  Good ones are slightly crunchy, but soft
Naruto ( fish cake )-
Generally an white oval shaped spongy substance with pink swirls in it.  Neither tasty nor harmul.
Nori ( sea weed )-
Sheet of dried seaweed.  For very greasy ramen it is good to use nori to soak up the grease floating on the top before eating.
Aji-tsuke Tamago ( egg )-
A whole or half of a hard or soft-boiled egg flavored by soaking in a mixture of mirin, soy sauce, garlic, etc.  I view this as desert.
Horenso ( boiled spinich )-
Simple boiled spinich used to offset the greasier soups.
Kakuni ( boiled pork )-
Thick chunks of fatty pork that is slow cooked in soy sauce, sake, mirin, and spices, so soft that you can pull it apart easily with chopsticks.  This topping is only served with your heavier soups.
Chasyu ( BBQ pork )-
The king of all toppings, chasyu can make or break a bowl of ramen.  Chasyu can either be oven baked or boiled.  A good cut of pork is tied up with string and then marinated or boiled in a mixture of soy sauce and spices.  Most places sell chasyu-men or a portion of ramen topped with extra pork.