Side Dishes

Most ramen places will server some sort of side dishes for their hungrier customers.

Gyoza ( pot stickers )-
While there are resturaunt now totally dedicated to gyoza, they are, by far, the most popular side dish.  Gyoza are ground beef/pork, onions, and (lots of) garlic wrapped in a thin dough and then seared on a hotplate.  Shiso (beefsteak leaf) gyoza are especially wonderful.

Chahan ( fried rice )-
Fried rice with chasyu or shellfish, egg, onions, garlic, and leeks.  Most places server Han-chahan which is a smaller portion to accompany a bowl of ramen.

Rice -
A small bowl of rice.  With the exception of tantan-men, generally not a good combination.

Onigiri -
Not so common, but some places will server a small vinegared rice ball as "service" (freebie) during lunch time.