Ramen Variations

Besides the standard ramen there are several common variations.

Tsuke-men -
The noodles are served seperately and the soup in a little bowl.  Before eating
the noodles are dipped in the soup and eaten.

Hiyashi-men -
Noodles with cold soup.

Hiyashi-chukka -
Usually only served in the summer, this is cold ramen noodles with a chilled vinegar-soy sauce soup.  This is served in a shallow bowl and topped with cold ham, sliced scrambled egg, and sliced cucumbers.  Can be a very nice lunch in the summer time.

TanTan-men -
Ramen in a spicy sesame soup topped with ground beef/pork with a lot of garlic.
 The spicyness ranges from OK to hot enough for Godzilla flaming breath impressions.  While normally passing on rice with ramen, spooning the soup over white rice is a good side dish for TanTan-men.